Geography -Oakland Cemetery is North of Indiana in White Township

  • Oakland Cemetery is one of three cemeteries in Indiana
  • It has 28,000 plots
  • State Route 80 once ran through it
  • The cemetery was originally a wheat field owned by James Clark

Headstones -Each headstone tells a story. Whether
the symbols were used for religious reasons or to show someone’s passion, each symbol holds a different meaning. Some common symbols are:

  • Woodsman of the World
  • Draped urn
  • Lamb
  • Eagle

Prominent Burials -Several prominent area citizens reside at the Oakland Cemetery

  • 4 U.S. Congressmen
  • Several Civil War Casualties
  • A Nationally-Known Magician
  • A Former IUP President
  • Numerous Veterans
  • Many Local Area Businessmen